Healthy Weight Loss Foods To Eat – Tips by Dostara Sri Lanka


So, finally, you have decided to follow your weight-loss plan and shed those extra kilos that have resulted as love handles and tires all these years.

But wondering where to start ? What should you eat to enhance weight-loss ?

We have the answer! Weight loss is surely a tough goal to fulfill. There are various factors that come to play, like your lifestyle, body type, metabolic rate, physical activity and quality of diet. It seems quite difficult to follow weight loss regime along with the hectic work schedules and family obligations, but it doesn’t have to be a reality. There are few simple dietary changes which will help you play an important role in melting the extra body fat.

Health Benefits Of Papaya and How You Can Grow Them at Home in Sri Lanka

Health Benefits Of Papaya and How You Can Grow Them at Home in Sri Lanka

The papaya which is considered one of the healthiest fruits has much more to it than what meets the eye. Papayas used to be considered as a rare and exotic fruit but due to all the benefits that can be procured from a single papaya, its cultivation has become extremely popular making it one of the most cultivated fruits in the recent times. Papaya is a fleshy fruit and can be used in a variety of cuisines in different culinary ways. Apart from being delicious, it also adds to the nutrition value of a person’s diet, thus enriching a person completely.