Genda Kola (Portulaca oleracea) uses, Omega 3 in it and other nutritional values that you should know!

Genda Kola or Portulaca oleracea

Almost no one knows about Sri Lanka as a home to more than 200 varieties of edible and beneficial green leaves, some of which are just exclusive to this island. Sri Lanka is known for a forte in the medical field. And especially when it is taken as peculiar for the leafy greens, then the island has so much more to offer unlike the usual. Although, kohila, anguna, genda kola, koppa, and kankun are often found in the local supermarkets of Sri Lanka, which showcase their wide variety and huge availability of the beneficial plants. There are some leaves which may sound so alien to us, where we would be puzzled about how to eat or cook them for their medical benefits. While on the process to find in how to include them, we may lose interest in taking them. But, after reading this be rest assured that you would surely want to include them in your daily food for their health benefits.