Ramonchi, Uguressa or Governor’s plum – Healthy Fruit Found in Sri Lanka


Ramonchi / Uguressa is a lesser-known, plum-type fruit that is spread throughout the world, more or less, and yet a major part of the young population doesn’t know about it. Named as Flacourtia Indica in botanical terms, it is also known as Indian plums or Governor’s plums.

It resembles the English plum and looks like a small berry. The fruit is usually eaten ripe and tastes slightly sour, astringent, and isn’t that sweet. Barring the spikes and thorns in the tree, Uguressa is a gem of a fruit tree, as it offers amazing medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Neutralizes Snake Poison

This may sound crazy, but the Uguressa fruit is actually known to neutralize snake poison. In the villages, the pulp of the fruit is applied to the skin on the area of the snake bite. It is considered that the medicinal agents in the fruit fight the venom and neutralize it. Not just the fruit but its leaves and roots are also used to treat snakebites by making herbal medicines out of them.

A Boon for Arthritis Patients

The governor’s plum is high in fiber content and is considered good for arthritis. A recurring fact to note here is that along with the fruit, the roots, seeds, and the leaves are used as well. The fruit contains high amounts of zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals that all help the body manage arthritis conditions very well.

Fights Cough, Flu, Diarrhoea, and Anaemia

The Uguressa fruit is so medicinally powerful that it fights several medical conditions at once. It is used to treat flu and cough, thanks to the high Riboflavin Vitamin B and Vitamin C content. It is good for those suffering from diarrhea, rheumatism, and rhinitis. The fruit also helps in conditions like anemia as it is high in iron content, and it is good for menstrual bleeding as well. Stomach aches can also be resolved by extracting its juice and drinking it.

Strengthens Bones and Boosts Immunity

The minerals in Uguressa help in strengthening the bones. The fruit contains a lot of antioxidants as well Vitamin A and C and increases immunity to help the body fight viral infections and other infectious diseases more easily.

Endless Medicinal Uses


The list does not end here. As already mentioned above, all parts of the Uguressa fruit tree are used to make medicines. Following are a few more impressive medicinal uses of governor’s plum:

  • In India, it is used to make important ayurvedic drugs. The leaves of the Uguressa tree are used to make sedatives apart from solving gynecological and asthma problems.
  • The bark is used to make medicines for rheumatic pain as well as a gargle for throat hoarseness.
  • The leaf sap and root decoction from the tree are combined to make medicines to treat malaria and provide relief during body pains.
  • The bark of the tree is used to make painkillers, and when combined with its leaves, is used to treat pulmonary and nasopharyngeal problems.

Non-Medicinal Uses of Uguressa

Apart from the healthy uses mentioned above, Uguressa is nowadays also used to make jellies, jams, sauces, and juices. Through fermentation processes, the fruit is also being used to make alcoholic beverages.

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