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Being pregnant is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. After pregnancy, the little one is welcomed into the whole new world. A mother can experience the bliss of holding her baby in her arms. Pregnancy gives the most overwhelming experience of life and beautiful relation between a mother and a child. A new mother has many challenges to face after pregnancy. Out of all the struggles, losing the excessive weight and proper maintenance of weight is the biggest challenge in front of these moms.

A new mom has to stay fit in the new routine and lifestyle, and also needs to put efforts for the recovery of her body. Because of all the blood loss and weakness, a mother has to take good care of her body. During pregnancy, the body of a mother goes through many changes. One of the many after-pregnancy challenges bestowed upon women is the additional belly fat. This is something which no woman would ever want for herself, be it at any age.

Every woman wants to shed the pregnancy weight she has gained over the months. Losing weight after pregnancy is definitely important. Before and after pregnancy, staying healthy and keeping the baby healthy is important. Being overweight can cause many health-related problems. On the other hand, maintaining an ideal weight can prevent these medical complications. Combining the weight of the fetus, placenta, breast tissues and other fluids, as a pregnant woman can gain 11 to 16 kg weight.

The excessive mass gain is also known as the baby weight that can result in too much fat. There can be many consequences of this excessive weight gain such as

  • The risk of overweight is increased.
  • Heart disease and diabetes risk.
  • It also increases complications for next pregnancy

The process of post-pregnancy weight loss is a significant factor, but it should not affect the health of a baby and its chances of breastfeeding. Losing the excessive body weight naturally is beneficial for the body in a lot of ways. Before going through any weight loss techniques, it is substantial to determine whether your body is ready to lose weight or not. Professionals recommend the new mothers to wait for at least six to eight weeks before going through any weight loss process.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the mildest ways to lose weight after pregnancy which are helpful to all the pregnant women and new moms. These tips will definitely help them in shedding the pregnancy weight naturally, without causing any damage to their body.

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Safe mode for weight loss after birth

The entire process of Weight loss after birth is definitely time-consuming. It is not something which will happen overnight. Melt off while keeping all the safety concerns in mind is extremely important. So, what should a mother do to safely lose the excess weight and fat? Here is what a mom should do for weight loss after delivery;

Always adopt the natural ways to lose weight. A new mom should know that it is a slow process. Losing weight with the help of natural techniques helps in staying in a proper shape.

Weight Goals

The most necessary task before the weight loss process is to determine the weight goals. A mother should have a rough idea about how much weight she wishes to lose. If a mother has a healthy weight before the pregnancy, then she can set the pre-pregnancy weight as the preference. However, if a mother used to be overweight before pregnancy as well, then a consultation with a professional will not cause any harm. You can always determine the ideal weight according to your age and height. Once the weight goals are set, work out to achieve the ideal weight like a pro.

Workout without fail

Exercise is the best way to lose weight and get rid of excessive fat. There is no need to do workouts on gigantic machines at the Gym. Lifting heavy weights can be harmful to a mom. Instead of joining Gyms, a mother can do the simple exercises which can be effective in the weight loss process. Exercise will cut off the additional fat from body and changes can be seen in a month. Exercise also keeps mothers safe from other diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases etc. New mothers can try the floor exercises for slimming and getting a flat tummy. Regular walking is a must, which will shred sweat and burn calories. Jogging or slow running is also another excellent option for maintaining physical fitness. Beside this, aerobics is also a good option for new mothers who want to slim down.

There are many weight loss programs for women conducted by various clubs. A new mom can join these programs for losing weight and socializing at the same time. The idea behind these classes is to give some time to the new moms, which they can spend on themselves. Such programs are usually run at the fitness centers, and they also have a doctor which can resolve your queries and help you with your diet plans.

If you are not comfortable in going out for a walk, exercise or joining any of these classes, then Yoga is a very nice alternative. It can be done indoor as well as outdoor. Yoga is the best exercise for losing extra body weight. Do not try tough positions instead go for the basic. Yoga is the most natural way that inhibits a fit body and maintains mental health too. Always perform the breathing exercise while doing yoga.


A good water intake

Sufficient intake of water is vital for new mothers. Water is a beneficial source for shedding excess weight and managing ideal mass. Drinking more water is good for skin and a sturdy body, as it keeps you hydrated. It is crucial for the breastfeeding process, as it helps in the process of milk production. New moms can increase their water intake, which will ultimately lead to the loss of appetite. This will decrease the space inside the abdomen for excessive calorie intake.

Water fulfills the loss of fluid that happens due to breastfeeding and milk production. Ideally, a new mother should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily to stay hydrated. Water is a great weight loss supplement, which provides you energy and keeps you healthy.

Dieting: Good or Bad ?

Dieting is another technique to lose weight quickly. This is not recommended to the new mothers. They have to breastfeed their babies which can be hampered by dieting. It can also affect the recovery of the body. New mothers should strictly avoid dieting and it any form such as crash dieting etc. Crash diets should never be considered by breastfeeding mothers. It is used for huge weight loss in a small amount of time, which can have adverse effects on mothers’ health. Even if you want to start dieting, consult your doctor or your OB/GYN (Obstetrician and Gynecologist about it.

What should you eat ?

The right food is viable for all the new mothers, for the sake of their own health and the welfare of their child. A new mother eats for two as she breastfeeds her baby. Hence, it is very necessary to have a proper diet which can support in the weight loss and simultaneously provides better nutrition to the newborn.

A mother should go for raw foods and load up the diet with plenty of foods and vegetables. The raw food or even boiled food will help in losing weight, as they are abundant in antioxidants and fiber. The intake of whole grains is another effective way to add more fiber to your diet. Whole grains contain more nutrition than any other grain. They provide more calcium and proteins to the body, which helps in keeping muscles and bones stronger. Wholes grains are good for digestion and so, this will also help in cutting off extra weight.

Apple cider vinegar or the combination of honey and lime are also good to lose weight. Organic teas are the best beverage for a fit body and weight loss. They are affluent in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Organic teas make skin beautiful and clear digestion. Jasmine tea, green tea, and any other tea which is full of indigenous spices are great options. Sipping these hot teas will definitely add to your efforts of losing weight. Is the Cinnamon tea weight loss possible? Yes, it is, you just need to give it a try.

A mother should eat food which is full of nutrients so that the body can gain energy. A healthy diet is considered to be the best for weight loss. Take six small meals a day, but do not overeat. Never skip a breakfast, which is the most substantial meal of a day. Eat starchy foods such as rice, bread etc. A balanced diet which includes the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral, and fibers is best for a new mom. It will provide all-important nutrients to your body and keeps you from gaining excess weight.

For weight loss after delivery, a mom can also add orange juices, broccoli, and vegetable salad to her diet. This will provide more nutrients and faster weight loss. Other food such as fish, nuts eggs, and grilled chicken is also helpful. All of these are sources of protein. A good combo of the food items mentioned above makes the steadiest and best diet for weight loss.

Which Foods should be avoided ?

A variety of food supplements are available as an option to consume. However, not every food is ideal for a new mom who is seeking to lose weight after delivery. Some food items should be avoided to maintain health and physical fitness.

Sugar is the biggest enemy of a fit body. Cut off the sugar intake from your diet. Only the sources of natural sugar should be consumed such as fruits. It is better to avoid desserts such as sweets, ice creams, chocolates, sugary beverages, drinks and any other item which has a high amount of sugar in it. Sugar is responsible for weight gain, as it increases the body fat, around the abdomen and thighs. Yogurt is an amazing food item and also a convenient alternative for all the sugary products. Fresh and cool yogurt soothes the body and maintains its temperature.

At the same time, it is extremely vital to skip the caffeine intake. Do not drink coffee or any other caffeinated drinks, as it is responsible for retaining weight gain. You can go for the organic teas or parsley tea for weight loss after childbirth.

Strictly avoid the intake of Alcohol during and after pregnancy. It leads to weight gain and can cause problems related to liver and digestion. It is also responsible for the lower quality of breast milk.

Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored. Many mothers like to eat snacks over time or in the time of recreation. They tend to eat while watching Television or reading a magazine. If you want to eat, then go for fruits or salad. Do not eat packaged foods or ready to eat foods such as chips, pretzels, etc. They have a huge intake of Carbohydrates, as it can not only lead to weight gain but also responsible for many diseases such as diabetes, etc. It is equally important to avoid the intake of food outside the home. Avoid eating at restaurants as the food is not healthy or hygienic. Do not consume processed foods as they are the source of unhealthy fats, salt, and calories, that can lead to weight gain.

Food, Nutrition and Calorie intake

Good nourishment will help the recovery process after childbirth, to speed up. Many new moms do not take care of their health and nutrition, which can lead to the weight loss in a risky way. It not only affects their body but also it is a barrier for the milk production and infant’s health.

An after-pregnancy diet should be followed so that they can get the essential nutrients that during all the weight loss methods. The calorie intake also depends on the current weight of a mom. It is the fastest way to lose weight.

On an average a new mom requires 2000 calories, to maintain weight and withhold a sturdy supply of milk. The breastfeeding mothers need 300-500 extra calories. Eat such food, which can help you to balance the calorie intake.

You can also take weight loss supplements as they can also provide the vital nutrients to the body and make them lose excessive weight.

Breastfeeding for Weight loss

Breastfeeding is very important for a newly born baby. It is the only source of nutrition for a baby for the next 6 months. Breastfeeding has a primary role to play in the process of losing weight. It helps in reducing the size of the uterus, by contracting it and helping it to get back to its shape after childbirth. Breastfeeding also hinders the path of several life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer etc.

Breastfeeding helps in burning extra calories as much as 330 calories per day. However, the number of extra calories, a mother can lose, also depends on the diet and lifestyle of a mom.

Mental peace is a must !

Stress is not good for anyone, especially for new mothers. If you are in too much stress, it will trigger changes in the metabolism. Any negative impact on it will lead to overeating. Do not take too much stress because things will work out anyway. If you are suffering from anxiety or stress then try to relieve yourself and calm your thoughts. Yoga or meditation is the best way to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Are you getting enough sleep ?

Sleeping is critically important for good health. After pregnancy, many things changes including the lifestyle. A mother’s involvement in many works leads to stress and physical weakness or tiredness. In such situations, enough sleep is very important. According to a study, almost 80 percent of new mothers are found to be sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can have adverse effects on your health and causes weight gain. It can also cause wrinkles, dark circles, and hair fall. If you do not take proper sleep, the process of shedding extra weight becomes prolonged. So, the best way to get enough sleep is, to sleep when the baby is sleeping.

Is losing weight is necessary ?

Anything extra can be harmful to the body. So, excessive weight gain can lead to a number of complications. They can affect a mother’s health and degradation of the health of the baby. The overweight or obesity can lead to a lot of unavoidable circumstances. Overweight leads to high blood pressure, which is extremely harmful to the health. It is also the root of many health-related problems such as diabetes. The heavyweight also leads to a painful and hard labor. It will only increase the complications and other adverse effects on the health of a mother.

Over-weighed women go through the cesarean surgery instead of normal delivery. Their body does not allow the normal delivery, due to excessive fat.

The loss of extra weight has a lot of advantages which will always support a mother in every aspect of life. It makes life easier and disease free.

Back to Normal

It is significant to know that the process of shedding surplus weight is not simple and it is definitely a time-taking process.

Post-pregnancy, it is vital to have an adequate intake of all the nutrients which are necessary for a healthy body and a healthy baby. A baby is completely dependent on its mother and the health of the baby is important. This process can take time, but it is surely beneficial for a long run.

We hope that all the tips will be helpful for all the new moms and other women who have toddlers because it is never too late to lose excessive weight.

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