Health Benefits Of Papaya and How You Can Grow Them at Home in Sri Lanka

Health Benefits Of Papaya and How You Can Grow Them at Home in Sri Lanka

The papaya which is considered one of the healthiest fruits has much more to it than what meets the eye. Papayas used to be considered as a rare and exotic fruit but due to all the benefits that can be procured from a single papaya, its cultivation has become extremely popular making it one of the most cultivated fruits in the recent times. Papaya is a fleshy fruit and can be used in a variety of cuisines in different culinary ways. Apart from being delicious, it also adds to the nutrition value of a person’s diet, thus enriching a person completely.

Benefits of papaya

Papaya being such a popular fruit in the recent times provides numerous health benefits. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely popular amongst health lovers as well as anyone and everyone who is looking to reduce weight. It also comes with an added advantage of reducing various diseases such as any cardiac disease, diabetes, indigestion, and cancer. It also helps in improving the blood glucose control in one’s body. This results in lowering the blood pressure of an individual. Papaya also helps in healing as well as improving wounds. Thus, it can be observed that this simple fruit has so many benefits to offer in every area that there is.

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Papaya cultivation in Sri Lanka

The fruit, Papaya is immensely cultivated in Sri Lanka. It is viewed as a “home garden crop” which means that it is a fruit which is seen as one of the primary items to be cultivated and produced in a field. Papaya cultivation in Sri Lanka is something which is done throughout the year. However, farmers in Sri Lanka believe that the month which follows the summer season causes a pause in the cultivation of papaya. This is because of the warm temperature paired with the atmospheric stress that the moisture creates. Papaya in Sri Lanka is however limited under a commercial scale. This means that the cultivation of this particular fruit can only be done up to a certain or specific limit. Although with the increasing popularity of the fruit, this extent has been increasing over the years, no significant change has actually been recorded.

Papaya leaves

Although the fruit has always been considered as healthy and has been promoted to its very maximum, the papaya leaves have started to gain recent attention in this world of increasing health-conscious people. It comes packed with a lot of nutrition which provides one with massive health as well as skin benefits. The leaf of papaya is said to be rich in consisting enzymes. It provides the same benefits that the fruit provides such as providing aid in indigestion, prevention of bloating, lowering and maintaining the blood pressure. However, the juice is something which can be consumed easily. It gives energy to a person instantly and provides them with the right amount of nutrition that one needs to start his/her day with.

Benefits of papaya leaves

Papaya has also proven to have a variety of benefits that are provided not only by the fruit but also by the leaves. There are several benefits that have been observed from a papaya leaf extract. Here are a few which can really be beneficial for you:

Consists of anti-malarial properties

Papaya leaves are said to have extremely strong anti-malarial properties. The elements and compounds found in such leaves have the power to prevent diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Papaya leaves for dengue

One of the most common remedies that every doctor or health expert suggests to anyone suffering from the horrific diseases of dengue is the consumption of papaya leaves. The extract of the papaya leaves is considered to be extremely beneficial and have certain enzymes which work towards curing a disease like dengue. Dengue is known to lower the blood platelets which are present in one’s body. This causes the whole body to weaken and react the way that it does when a person is suffering from this particular disease. However, it has been proven that papaya leaves increase the blood platelets present. They help produce more platelets and result in the increase of the platelet count. This helps bring strength back to the body in order to fight this disease and recover from it in a faster manner.

Beneficial for the liver

Papaya leaf juice has proven to be extremely beneficial for the liver. It acts as a cleansing agent and thus removes any substance which may lead to chronic liver diseases such as jaundice and liver cirrhosis.

Brings the blood sugar level down

Papaya leaf juice is known to regulate insulin in the body. This is why they are an absolute favorite as well as an excellent recommendation for people suffering from diabetes. By regulating the amount of insulin in the body, it checks blood sugar levels that are present. It also carries a strong antioxidant nature because of which it can definitely reduce the complications that are brought in by diabetes such as kidney damage and the possession of a fatty liver.

Easier digestion

Papaya leaves’ juice has seen to be an extremely good cure for indigestion. They are known to prevent constipation and clean the colon. It is also seen as a terrific way to heal and prevent ulcers that are caused in the stomach. Since the papaya leaves are so rich in nature, they also help in the breaking down of carbs, proteins, and minerals present in the body. This helps in easier digestion. This also reduces the chances of bloating which provide a massive benefit to people consuming this juice.

Cure to menstrual pain

The juice of papaya leaves has seen to be an extraordinary remedy to the menstrual cramps or pain that women face. They help in easing the menstrual flow along with the reduction of pain.

Thus, as it can be observed, there are numerous health benefits that just the papaya leaf can alone provide. This itself shows why this particular fruit, is seen to be one of the rising fruits in today’s world. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are many more benefits that the papaya leaves provide. These include healthy skin, promotion of hair growth, reducing the risks of cancer etc.

Herbal medicine for dengue

As it is widely known, herbal medicine is something which is always effective when it comes to curing any diseases. Because of its natural and organic nature, herbal medicines are useful for all illnesses and conditions. The ultimate herbal medicine suggested recovering from dengue by every doctor and every health nutritionist is the leaf juice of Carica Papaya. This is because of the very fact that it is believed that when people collect fresh leaves of papaya and take out their juice by crushing the leaves and then squeezing, a lot of the vitamins are extracted there itself which will ensure that the drink so obtained from that is healthy. However, it must be taken into consideration that only the leafy part must be collected and not the sap or the stalk of the plant. The extracted juice should be filtered and it should be done using a clean cotton cloth or one can even use a filter to remove the uncrushed hard fibers or pieces of leaves that may be present. Generally, a tablespoon of juice can be extracted from just one leaf of papaya. The taste can be extremely bitter. After every 6 hours, the dengue patients should be given a couple of tablespoons of papaya leaf juice. The leaf should be uncooked as people believe that the nutrients and the strength of the leaf are lost on boiling. This is because while boiling the leaf and during that entire procedure, a lot of minerals may be lost due to the heat of the water and rising temperatures.

What are the other Sri Lankan fruits ?

Sri Lanka being a hub to various types of agricultural produce is home to many popular fruits that are being demanded all across the globe. The popular Sri Lankan fruits other than Papaya include banana, wood apple, anoda, rambutan, cashew apple, thambili ( king coconut) etc. Cultivation of these fruits especially of Rambutan is done on an extremely large scale as it is undoubtedly the most popular fruit of Sri Lanka.

Red lady papaya

Red lady papaya is a very special Mexican type of Papaya which weighs around 3-4 pounds. A single plant in a season can produce up to 50-120 fruits. This is a massive advantage of planting this particular plant. Unlike the usual papaya which is known to be shaped like a football measuring up to 15 inches and weighing up to 10 pounds, the red lady papaya weighs just about 4 pounds and provides just as many fruits as possible.

How to grow red lady papaya

1. Plant the "Red Lady" papaya shrubs when the weather is sunny. The results will be perfect when it is done on a slope, ensuring that there is not wind disturbance. Reflected heat is also essential when this process is being started. Papayas are a fruit that requires light. A soil that is well drained is the perfect especially in hot and moist temperatures as well as dry temperatures.

2. The shrub should be watered almost every day. Make sure that even if it can't be done on a daily basis, the shrub gets water at least on a regular basis. This holds especially true during the hottest seasons where it is very little or almost no rainfall. Reduce the number of times you water when the weather is cooler. Make sure the water doesn't collect around the plant, however, the roots of the plant rot very easily so make sure they are watered properly as well.

3. Apply around a quarter pound of complete fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season. For the papaya plants that are younger than 7 months old, use more fertilizers to promote growth.

4. Plant the papaya shrubs only in the clean soil which have had no pesticides before. This will help the plant grow faster and in a better manner. The organisms that look like worms but are microscopic are the ones that feed on the roots of the plant. It is advisable to check the surroundings of this area where this plant is grown. Thoroughly check every vegetable and the plants for signs of whitefly infestation. It will first appear as white specks (very small in size)on the underside of leaves and quickly spreads between plants. Ensure that you take away the infested foliage. One should dispose it in the trash and not in the compost pile. One should restrain from using chemical pesticides as much as possible.

( Generally any variety of  papaya grows on any soil in Sri Lanka without much difficulty but for better results you need to look after the plantation very well. Specially keep an eye on whitefly / greenhousefly as it can destroy any cultivation in few days  )

Papaya cultivation at home in Sri Lanka

Fun and interesting facts about papayas

1. Papaya is the native fruits of Mexico and northern South America. This particular fruit, papaya has become naturalized throughout the Caribbean Islands, Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii, and other tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

2. Papaya as a fruit is a herb that is tree-like and can reach a great height. It can reach up to 16 to 33 feet.

3. Papaya tree leaves are usually green in color. They are large. They are known to be divided into seven lobes. This is accompanied by a spiral arrangement and is always located on top of the plant.

4. The fruit, papaya initially develops white flowers with five petals. The flower usually contains either male, female or both types of reproductive organs. The type of flower depends entirely on the variety of the tree that it grows on along with the environmental temperature that it is trying to grow in.

5. The fruit, papaya has a yellow-green skin on the surface of it which makes it identifiable in the market or in a garden. It is also known for its orange-pinkish flesh which lies underneath it. It also consists of a lot of black seeds which are located in the middle of the fruit.

6. Papaya can mainly be classified into two main types that are, Hawaiian and Mexican papaya. They are the two categories that are bought around the world. The Hawaiian type of papaya is more pear-shaped in nature and weighs one pound whereas the Mexican papaya is heavier in nature but has a less intense taste.

7. Papaya is a rich source of various vitamins and nutrients. It is extremely rich in vitamin C and vitamin B. It also consists of beta-carotene, which results in turning into Vitamin A inside the human body.

8. Papaya is mostly eaten raw in the form of the fruit that it is. However, it is also an extremely popular ingredient in many cooked meals that exist such as stews and curries. This is prevalent in many parts of the world.

9. Young papaya leaves are also used in the preparation for fresh salads. There are many times or instances where they are boiled and prepared like spinach.

10. Papaya seeds contain a sharp taste which is also peppery in nature. This is why they are also used as a substitute for black pepper in various countries.

Other advantages of the papaya fruit

Another massive advantage of the papaya fruit is that it helps in the reduction or loss of weight. Drinking papaya juice is one of the fastest ways to lose weight for anyone who is looking to do the same. The fruit papaya also has various ways which will help one lose weight in faster ways than ever. However, not everyone can consume the papaya diet as it is very restrictive and does not suit everyone's body type. It is restricted to a few and only those who can adapt to it must adopt this method. It is important as well as essential to consult a doctor before starting the papaya diet. This is because the papaya diet helps in the burning of fats instantly with or through the method of detoxication. This is a major alteration to the body and needless to say, will have an impact on the body of an individual. It will change the functioning of the body along with its metabolism and thus must be adhered to very carefully if one is planning on following it.

The papaya diet

A proper papaya diet is the one in which you consume the fruit at least for 2 days. This may have some side effects such as diarrhea or stomach aches. However, one must remember that this is normal for initial days. This reaction is caused because of the fact that the body is not used to such intake. It is because the entire intake of the body towards carbs, meat, proteins and vitamins changes when one adopts this diet. This diet is required to be followed for two to three days a week for two to three months regularly in order for it to work efficiently. Once a person starts this diet, it will not only help them shed the extra kilos that they possess but will also help in the detoxification of the body from any junk that is present in the body. This will cleanse the body and will enrich the body giving it a fresh look. Apart from the loss of weight, it will also give the skin a glow due to this cleansing. This will enrich the look of the skin and thus give an added benefit to anyone following this diet.

How the diet goes

One should have a proper routine and should start the diet with the first meal itself. This would start with having a glass of diluted almond ilk or oatmeal water which would give the body enough fibers that are required to function for a day. After this, it is advised to take a break, preferably for half an hour and eat a papaya salad. This breakfast routine must be followed for two days continuously. The main aim of this should be that every meal that one consumes during the day must be accompanied by some form of papaya. The diet focuses on having healthy food items such as tomatoes paired with brown rice. This could be had for lunch accompanied by a glass of papaya juice. This is something which can be followed for lunch. Then, for dinner, it is usually advised to have something which is lighter in nature. This is because the body must intake lesser proportions of food before going to sleep. This could be accompanied by having something as simple as a chapati in a country like India to having small portions of bread paired with some vegetables. This must be accompanied by the fruit, papaya in some form. If one feels that it is more effective to have the papaya juice, they can carry on with that. Otherwise, a bowl of papaya never hurts. It not only helps the body feel fresh but also enhances the sleep of the individual due to this cleansing agent. The whole point of this is to ensure that the papaya intake in the body is continuous throughout the day. It is undoubtedly the fastest way to lose weight. It is a must try and should definitely be checked out by anyone and everyone who is looking for convenient as well as simple ways to shed their kilos. Its healthy nature is what sets it apart from the millions of other plans that are available on the Internet. We have seen how effective it can be and this is why we suggest this method.

Papaya seeds and weight loss

Papaya as a fruit has so many qualities that every part of it is designed in a way to help the human body improve constantly. Even the seeds of the papaya help the body in losing weight. This is because of the very fact that these seeds have or consist of some benefits which can avoid toxins from the body. These seeds eliminate the toxins from one's body making it completely clean and thus naturally healthy. These seeds also help in protecting the liver, especially if one is suffering from a chronic liver disease such as liver cirrhosis. One of the really beneficial points is that the seeds of papaya can easily prevent one’s body from absorbing fats. One can consume about eight to ten papaya seeds in paste form. However, this is only recommended during the morning time as it is seen as a good start to the day. It is usually preferred to combine it with something such as a glass of grapefruits to yield an even better taste. Papaya seeds must not be neglected and their importance must be understood. It is very common to see people simply throwing away the seeds of such plants. However, it is important to understand that every part may have some or the other benefit. Thus, as it is evident, a mere papaya seed can also help one in the loss of weight faster than what they would’ve usually expected.

Papaya as the best way to lose weight

As it can clearly be seen, every element of the papaya contributes to the loss of weight in one way or the other. Thus, it is safe to say that papaya is the best way to lose weight. Apart from the hundreds of plans that we go through over the internet in order to lose weight, it is also important to remember that one needs to lose weight in the right manner. They need to ensure that their body can take the amount of food or the plan that they are planning to take, in order to achieve their personal goals. A programme which does not suit your body and which can alter its metabolism along with its functioning is dangerous and must be taken into consideration only after taking opinions of experts or those who specialize in that particular field. However, to date, the fastest way to lose weight has undoubtedly been that of the one with the papaya. Everyone who has followed the papaya plan or the papaya programme has come out of it happier than ever. They have seen the changes that have occurred in their body. This is accompanied by a glowing and a new look with lovely skin. It cleanses the body and thus obviously gives the feeling of being young. It is also regarded as one of the best ways to lose weight because of the fact that it keeps the body healthy. It does not have any long-term side effects. Instead, it keeps the body fit for the long run. It prevents the body from getting or acquiring any unwanted diseases. It is recommended as well as verified by nutritionists and thus, people following it do not have to worry about the credibility of this at all. Thus, it follows the entire concept of, "You must lose weight but you must lose it the right way."

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