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Making the right eating choices can be very difficult, and there is always a lot of misunderstanding out there when it comes to knowing the list of healthy foods to eat and the foods to avoid.  When you are into weight loss programs, usually you get a list of foods not to eat and easy, healthy meals.

Another important factor is that while you might know the foods, you should not eat when you are trying to lose weight, there are also the foods which are promoted as healthy meal ideas, but you should stay away from them. So if you are wondering things like how can I lose weight or what foods you must not eat to lose weight, here is the list of foods that might solve your problem:

Bad Foods For Weight Loss

Here is the list of foods which is not just good for weight loss, but to your overall wellbeing:

  1. Drinks with a high level of sugar

Sugar is an important part of your daily meal. Eating the right amount will keep you healthy, but consuming more than required can seriously hamper your weight loss efforts and overall health condition. It also depends upon what are the sources of sugar in your daily diet. When you drink something with high sugar calories, your mind doesn’t look at it as a food. So many times, people do not adjust their eating habits to compensate for the high sugar calories they consume with sweet drinks which automatically increase their calorie intake for the day. Drinking large amounts of sugary drinks result in fat gain and obesity.

  1. Unhealthy Pizzas

Pizza is one of the most popular junk foods in the world which is loved by everyone. It can be very difficult to resist them, even though perhaps half of the population knows they are not good for health. The commercially made pizzas are tasty and quite convenient to eat but do contain unhealthy ingredients. But with your weight loss routine, they can seriously hurt your weight loss results. With the kind of ingredients that are used in making Pizzas, they have a very high amount of calories which is not good for health. A home-made pizza is more of a safer option.

  1. Cookies, Cakes, and Pastries

Who doesn’t love them? People eat them despite knowing they are not good for their health. They are usually made with refined ingredients including refined sugar, refined wheat flour, and fats, which can be harmful to your weight and health. These foods contain no necessary nutritional elements but will add tons of calories to your body intake. So weight loss or no, it is better to avoid them.

  1. Fried foods like French Fries and Potato Chips

Fried foods are definitely something you should avoid. Foods like French Fries and Potato Chips are certainly the type of food one can find very difficult to resist, but eating them would also never satisfy your appetite. Just like sugary drinks and sweet items, fried foods will give you a large amount of calories but without any real sustenance. Thus, it would increase your weight and create health-related problems in the long run.

  1. Coffee with high-calorie stuff

People have some misconceptions about coffee, and a very few know the benefits that a right blend of coffee with the right ingredients can provide for you. Coffee is actually a source of healthy nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, many researchers believe that regular coffee intake can reduce the risks of diseases like type 2 diabetes and Parkinson. If you are drinking coffee in a café or restaurant, or any other commercial eating place, the coffee makers add harmful ingredients like lots of artificial cream and sugar with will give your body lots of calories and no real nutrients.

  1. Ice-cream and candy bars

Ice cream and candy bars are two of the most delicious and most preferred foods in the world, especially by kids. Unfortunately, both the foods are not good for teeth, weight, and health. Most of the commercial ice cream contains a high amount of sugar and hence, calories, and candy bars are one of the most unhealthy foods containing refined and highly processed ingredients which is not good for your body. What you can do is make ice cream at home with healthy ingredients and maybe teach your kids to eat fresh fruits instead of unhealthy candy bars.

Seemingly Weight Loss Foods To Avoid

Today almost everyone struggles with his or her weight and look for ways and foods to lose the excess from the body. Many people eat healthy foods which are low-fat and will help them get rid of extra weight. Are you one of those who are having these kinds of food and facing their own health-related questions? If yes, here is a list of some so-called healthy foods that you must avoid:

  1. Fruit Juices

It is a world-wide belief that fruits juices are good for health. However, if you are into canned juices that you can find at your nearest grocery store, they are not always what they seem. While the manufacturers may claim that the juice contains the real fruit, in reality, they contain a very little amount of real fruit and more of the artificial flavors and sweeteners or sugar. While fruit juices made at home can be more healthy than the one you find at the store, it is better to eat real fruits instead of drinking their juices. That will be more healthy and good for your weight loss plans.

  1. Sports Drinks

Initially, the sports drinks were intended for athletes after finishing an intense training session with lots of sweating and glycogen reduction. These drinks contain water, electrolytes, and sugar. These ingredients help in replenishing the fluids and electrolytes in the body, and to provide energy after an intense workout session. While these drinks are good for athletes, they are not so good for non-athlete or less-athletic people who are not involved in rigorous workout routines on a regular basis. So if you are no into super intense workouts, it is better to stick with fresh drinking water and avoid extra sugars of the sports drinks.

  1. Vegetable Oils – Good for heart

You must have seen many ads of vegetable oils where the manufacturers claim that these oils are good for heart health. But are they really? Fear of saturated fat and its effects on the body has led to the emergence of many alternatives, and not all of them are good for your body and your weight. People are gravitating more and more towards vegetable oils such as soybean, Cottonseed, and corn oil. These vegetable oils are taken out from seeds with the help of hardcore processing techniques that include high levels of heat, and other toxic constituents. These oils contain large quantities of Omega-6 fatty acids, and too much consumption of this fatty acid can cause problems like inflammation and other damaging effects.

  1. Low-Fat Foods

If you browse through various so-called healthy eating products, you will find that most of them claim to be fat-free or low-fat. But the problem is that not only the fat-free or low-fat products taste like crap, but the food manufacturers add loads of chemical products, artificial sweeteners, and sugar, a very bad combination if you are looking for healthy meal ideas. For example, while yogurt is a very healthy food item, the commercially made yogurts contain lots of harmful elements in it.  So it is better to avoid low-fat foods but with the high amount of other harmful ingredients.

  1. Margarine And other Artificial Butters

Everyone likes to add some butter to their daily intake of food. But with the way more and more people are getting pulled into several types of weight loss programs and diet plans, a new anti-fat or fat-free butter has come into the market for those who want to eat butter but do not want its fat. Most of the artificial butter like Margarine now contain processed vegetable oils instead of trans fats. However, many experts believe that butter with trans fats is healthier than the Margarine. Margarine is an imitation butter which contains harmful ingredients that can make you sick and in some cases might even lead to fatal consequences. It is better to eat real butter in small quantities while also keeping track of your daily calorie intake.

  1. Foods with low carbs

Foods with low carbs, especially the junk foods with low carbs, are becoming very popular especially amongst those who want to lose their excess fat from the body. You would have already noticed that there are many products in the market that have a low-carb title on it. While they might help you lose weight, they are not very healthy for your body. Basically, these low carb foods go through various processes, and several artificial ingredients are added to them before they arrive in the market for sale. So it is better to stick with your low-carb unprocessed home-made food and continue to lose weight.

  1. Healthy Cereals For Breakfast

Just like many other healthy products, breakfast cereals are also processed food and not very healthy for your body. Indeed, some believe that they are one of the worst processed foods that one should totally avoid. These cereals contain the high amount of sugar, synthetic vitamins, and refined carbohydrate elements in them, which make them a lot less healthy than they are promoted to be.

Don’t buy any product just by looking at the labels. Check the list of ingredients before you add them to your diet weight loss plan.

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