Diet Plan for Diabetes Patient in Sri Lanka


Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases plaguing our world today. It's growing at a rapid rate, which is both alarming and concerning. Most of the discussion behind diabetes is misguided because there isn't enough information out there. Most people with diabetes don't know they have it due to lack of information. Hence, in this article, we hope to enlighten you in the basic facts of Diabetes, and ways to maneuver the disease. It is a journey filled with nutritious food, exercise, and an eventual goal of a better mind and body alignment. We hope to give you at least one new bit of information regarding Diabetes.

What are the different kinds of diabetes ?

There are primarily two kinds of diabetes, namely; Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes :

During Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas produces very minimal insulin and hence it is a chronic condition. It is also known as juvenile diabetes. This kind of diabetes typically occurs during childhood, however, can persist through adulthood.

Type 2 Diabetes :

This is a condition that affects the way the body processes glucose, also known as blood sugar. This kind of diabetes can have negative effects on the overall health, causing heart and kidney disease, etc.

What are ways to improve the diabetic condition ?

There are three main ways to improve the diabetic condition of a patient.

  1. Change in the diet; following a low glycemic diet will lower the diabetes level.
  2. Regular exercise is important to stay fit and maintain body weight.
  3. Medical checkups are a regular and required component to track and record the diabetic levels. Doing so will also highlight any other medical conditions that patients were unaware of.

Is Diabetes the most common disease in the world ?

Diabetes is headed to becoming one of the most concerning epidemics of the century. An approximation of 246 million people are suffering from diabetes all over the world. This number is expected to grow exponentially. Additionally, 80% of adult diabetics are from developing countries. So yes, looking at the statistics it is the most common disease plaguing our world. This is definitely growing at an alarming rate.

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How common is diabetes in Sri Lanka ?

Diabetes in Sri Lanka is currently increasing at a rapid rate. Studies show that 50% of the people are unaware of their diabetes condition. This is extremely alarming, especially when pregnant ladies have diabetes. The common factors for this increase are the excessive amounts of colas being consumed, the increase in eating food from outside as opposed to home, and over-consumption of oily and fried food. Aforementioned, the most critical change to be made is the dietary consumption. The article focuses on a diet plan for diabetes patient in Sri Lanka.

What are the best foods recommended on the diet chart for a diabetic patient ?

The diet chart for a diabetic patient is focused on lean protein, vegetables, fruits, low dairy products and high fiber foods. In addition to focusing on the aforementioned food groups, it is important to manage the carbohydrate intake. Too many carbohydrates will negatively affect the diabetes levels.

Proteins that are required in the diet chart for a diabetic patient are; chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, and beans. For vegetables, it is important to consume non-starchy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, kale, and okra. Berries are the best-suited fruits for the diet chart for a diabetic patient.  Apart from the low sugars it has, they are filled with antioxidants that are critical to improving immunity and health. Choosing dairy products for a diabetic diet is a tricky proposition. Most regular dairy products are full fat, which is completely contradictory to the requirements of the diabetic diet. Hence while choosing dairy products, it is best to choose low fat, or no fat milk and yogurt. If viable it is also recommended to consume vegan dairy products like cashew milk, soy milk, and almond milk. Lastly, for grains, it is prescribed to eat whole grains like brown rice, red rice, and whole wheat pasta.

What are the foods excluded from the diet chart for a diabetic patient ?

The nature of Diabetes and its consequences definitely rules out a couple of food groups and options. These are mentioned below:

  1. Sweetened beverages are extremely harmful to your diabetic diet. These beverages are loaded with sugars and no good nutrition. These include colas, fruits juices, processed juices, etc.
  2. White Bread, Pasta and Rice are all completely off limits on the diet chart for a diabetic patient. These food options are full of carbohydrates and completely processed. Thus making them completely non-fat burning foods.
  3. Sweetened breakfast cereals are dangerous as the sugars are well hidden. Beware of these little agents by checking the ingredients on the back of the box. In terms of cereal, moving to steel cut oats is a healthy and viable option.
  4. Dry fruits are not good for diabetic patients. This is because of the high sugar content they have, which would affect the diabetic diet.
  5. Packaged food of any kind is completely harmful. These tend to be full of preservatives, making it high content sugar and salt items. Instead of these snacks and foods, always opt for fresh and natural meals. The latter is full of good nutrition that is vital to your diet and health.
  6. Flavored Coffee drinks are another example of hidden sugars. Every drink that has a caramel shot, whipped cream or java chips is not good for you. In itself, these flavors contain a lot of sugar. When toppings are added to these flavored drinks, the sugar content hits the roof. A good way to make better warm beverage choices is to have the simplest order. The more you have in your order, chances are they are items that are not good for you. Make smarter choices!
Overview of Sri Lankan cuisine

Overview of Sri Lankan cuisine :

Sri Lankan cuisine finds its roots and parallels in South Indian cuisine. Both of these are heavily based on the spices and flavor. Sri Lankan food is warm and satisfying. Some of the most popular Sri Lankan dishes are; Fish curry and rice, Chili fish curry, Egg Kottu, Vegetarian Kottu, Dhal Curry (Parippu), etc.

Apart from the great flavor and variety that the Sri Lankan cuisine boasts of, it is also touted as one of the healthier cuisines. This kind of food is particularly good for your health and fitness. The food is focused on the right kind of nutrition with vegetables, proteins like chicken and fish, and lentils. These are typically the food groups in a diet chart for a diabetic patient. The two staples of the Sri Lankan diet are fish and coconut. Most Sri Lankan meals feature these ingredients. Both of these are extremely good for Sri Lankan diabetic recipes. Fish is an integral component as it fulfills the protein requirement. Whereas coconut lowers cholesterol levels and has a mild impact on blood sugar levels. When thinking of a Sri Lankan diabetic recipes, the Sri Lankan fish curry and rice is an appropriate meal to be had. The native Sri Lankan food is a wholesome and nutritious package. This cuisine is definitely part of the diet chart for a diabetic patient. Given the same, adopting a healthy lifestyle for a person with diabetes in Sri Lanka should be viable given the good and wholesome nutrition from their local food.

What are the recommended meals to have on a diabetic diet ?

The recommended meals in a diet chart for a diabetic patient are based on the aforementioned information. We are providing meal choices for an entire day for your convenience. Here are a few recipes for fat burning foods. They are customizable to be part of weight loss diets in Sri Lanka.

Breakfast food for diabetics

For the first meal here are wholesome options to kick-start your day with nutrition and goodness. Scrambled eggs and toast is a popular breakfast choice that is both wholesome and great in taste. It is a classic that can never fail to surprise you. To make it flavorful, add some pepper and chili flakes.

Whole Grain Oatmeal is another popular breakfast choice. This bowl of goodness is so good for your body. Adding some chopped apples and almonds meets the requirements of the diet chart for a diabetic patient.

Lunch food for diabetics

After a wholesome breakfast, it is important to stock up on your lean proteins and vegetables in the second meal of the day.

Vegetable Stir Fry is a quick and yummy option of eating all your veggies in a light and flavorful manner. It is very easy to make. All you have to do is toss up your choice of non-starchy vegetables in a pan with a drop of good fat oils. For seasoning, you can choose any kind of spices. Personally, we prefer to add some salt, pepper, chili flakes, and Italian seasoning.

Rice and Meat is a staple that can never go wrong. A small portion of brown rice with a portion of any protein of your choice is all that is required. The protein can be cooked as a curry, or just baked. To make this more filling, you can add vegetables of your choice.


Snacking is an important part of your diet. Every two hours, a small portion of some healthy snacks is key to maintaining your clean diet for the long run. Snacking on healthy items also ensures that you are achieving your health goals with the proper nutrition. Some popular diabetic diet approved snack options are; Hummus and Cucumber, Hard Boiled Eggs, Low Fat Yogurt with Berries, and a handful of nuts.

Dinner foods for diabetics

It is advisable to have a lighter meal for dinner, given that it is the last meal of the day. Doing so makes for faster digestion, and improved health and weight conditions.

Soup of any kind is a light yet filling meal that is best suited for dinner. Soups can be made of practically any vegetable and can include the protein of your choice. Adding a protein increases the nutritional intake and improves your health conditions. Additionally, it being a light meal is beneficial for your digestion.

Salads are a popular diet food. However, they seem to have the reputation for being boring or simple. You can make a salad at home with any vegetables of your choice. Like in the case of soup, feel free to add any sort of protein. Customizing your salad will make it more appealing for you to eat. The critical aspect of making and eating your salad is to avoid any processed condiments. This includes any type of dressing. These dressings typically are loaded with sugars and preservatives that are not complementary to your diabetic diet. Instead, you can make your own salad dressings with just two or three ingredients. This option will be much better for your body and health!

Is it normal to feel thirsty during Diabetes ?

Yes, this is a completely normal phenomenon during Diabetes. If a person has a really high blood sugar level, the body tends to pull glucose from the water. In this situation, one tends to feel thirstier than before due to the loss of water. To counter this, it is important to replenish your body with enough amount of water. Drinking about 2 to 3 liters of water per day is critical for good digestion, bowel movement, healthier skin, and lower blood sugar levels.

Extra tips for mastering life as a diabetic patient :

While understanding the diet chart for a diabetic patient is the first step towards understanding the lifestyle changes, there are additional tips that will help you in navigating the diabetic aspect in your life.

  • Going for regular health check-ups is critical to monitoring your diabetes levels. This will help keep your levels in check and draw attention to any alarming or concerning fluctuations. Any of these fluctuations will also have changes in your dietary and lifestyle.
  • Regular exercises are an absolute must for diabetic patients. There are a lot of benefits to exercising daily. It controls your weight, as well as reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. For a diabetic patient, it is important to control aspects like their weight and other relevant levels to ensure good health. It can be simple exercises like walking every day for 30 minutes. The simplest of exercises are helpful when done regularly. You could always experiment by extending the exercises to stretching, biking, etc.
  • Sleep is an extremely important factor in ensuring that your weight and health is monitored. Hence, do not ignore your sleep requirements. Ensure that you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours on a daily basis. Sleep deprivation leads to an increase in weight, increased stress and higher blood sugar levels. Hence, a well-rested mind and body is your best self.
  • Be a more alert and aware shopper. While shopping for your groceries, or even preparing meals from online recipes, be careful to read the fine print. Look at the nutritional breakdown, and make sure it aligns with the requirements for a diet chart for a diabetic patient. This process will make you aware of the concealed sugars and fats that are not good for you and your levels.
  • Lastly, maintaining a food diary can be particularly effective for tracking your eating habits. Noting down your meals make you more accountable for the food you are consuming. This is a good practice, as this makes you more aware and responsible for your personal health journey. This is also a good way to note the proteins and nutrients you are potentially missing from your diet.


Diabetes is increasing at a rapid rate in Sri Lanka, and our aim is to highlight diabetes in Sri Lanka and the consequences and changes required. We wanted to offer a couple of ways to form a lifestyle and diet plan for diabetes patient in Sri LankaDiabetes can be a big issue for people but changing a few diet routines and exercising every day can help a lot.

Diabetes is increasing rapidly in Sri Lanka, and we wanted to bring to notice the factors that we normally take for granted. There are ways and methods that one can counter and cope with diabetes in Sri Lanka, and we hope to have highlighted some existing and new methods of the Sri Lankan diet plan to lose weight.  For further assistance for the diet chart for a diabetic patient, check out our article on weight loss diet plan for Sri Lanka. We assure you, more ways and knowledge to traverse the terrain of diabetes in Sri Lanka. Additionally, we have some extra information on products that can aid your weight loss diets in Sri Lanka. These are products that can be used in conjunction with maintaining the Sri Lankan diet plan to lose weight. Making a few changes in your meals can help a lot. Here are a few diet foods in Sri Lanka.

Note : If you have a serious level of diabetes, You should immediately consult one of the diabetes doctors in Sri Lanka as diet plans or pills may not be helpful in a serious situation of that nature.

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