Ceylon Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss in Sri Lanka – Does It Really Work ?


This article is for those looking for weight loss diets in Sri Lanka. Here you will learn about how cinnamon and honey diet works.

Excess weight is one of the leading health problems many people are facing today. Losing weight can be a very hard task, especially if you do not know what to do and how to do it. There are various fat burning foods that help in getting rid of fat at a faster rate, improve the metabolism, and gives you sufficient nourishment without increasing your weight. Everyone knows that proper exercising and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose your weight.

If you want to try some natural methods of losing weight, instead of medications, cinnamon and honey could be the answer to your dilemma. With a number of diet plans out there, things might get a bit confusing about choosing the right plan. One of the most popular methods today consists of honey and cinnamon diet. You can add honey and cinnamon to your Sri Lankan diet plan to lose weight.

Cinnamon and Honey For Weight Loss - Does It Really Work ?

Yes, it does work and that too with success. You would mainly need to prepare your food and drinks with key ingredients of cinnamon and honey, it will help in improving the metabolic rate of your body and helps in controlling a few cravings that might be responsible for the increase in your weight. Moreover, by adding lemon to honey and cinnamon, you can create a very effective weight loss diet, but also add flavors to your daily cuisines.

Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Can cinnamon benefits weight loss? Yes, it can. Cinnamon is one of the most popular and flavorsome food when it comes losing weight. It is commonly known as a spice which is utilized to flavor food and as a medicinal ingredient that was being used since ancient times. The most available form of cinnamon is powder form. However, it can also be purchased in the form of sticks or some other forms. There are mainly four varieties of cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, and Ceylon cinnamon. The whole cinnamon sticks are recommendable as it would help in avoiding adulterated cinnamon products.

Benefits Of Cinnamon in weight loss

Cinnamon in Sri Lanka for weight loss

Cinnamon offers a wide range of benefits for those who want to lose weight:

  1. Cinnamon helps in cleaning up the toxins from the body and get rid of harmful elements like bacteria, parasites, and fungi that might be present in your digestive system. Thus improving your metabolism and burning of fats.
  2. Cinnamon is a very effective natural ingredient for regulating the blood sugar levels. If you are having problems with stabilizing the sugar levels in your body, try cinnamon, as it also helps in reducing the fat storage in the body that might occur due to high levels of sugar in the blood.
  3. It makes it 20 times easier for a body to absorb the glucose and convert it into energy.
  4. As it helps with sugar levels, it also helps in enhancing the functionality of insulin in the body and ultimately helps you in losing the excess weight off your body.
  5. Cinnamon helps you in getting control over untimely and bad eating habits that is one of the main causes of weight gain in the first place. is also used to add in the food, It gives you a feeling of satiety and fullness, thus preventing food cravings.
  6. This spice has a great amount of cinnamyl acetate, cinnamaldehyde, and cinnamyl alcohol, and they are great for medicinal purposes and also smells delicious.
  7. Cinnamon is one of the richest ingredients when it comes to antioxidants, which protect the cells in your body from free radicals and improving the immunity levels of the body against the ailments like diabetes and infection, most of which contribute to fat storage in the body.
  8. Cinnamon is quite useful for the body as it helps the body to break and digest carbohydrates quite effectively and efficiently, taking you closer to your weight loss goals.
  9. When cholesterol level in your body increases, it leads to the formation of cellulite. Cinnamon does eradicate fats from your body and helps in minimizing the presence and effect of cellulite in the body.

When you are consuming cinnamon, remember that it has a very strong flavor and you need to take it in small amounts. This is because cinnamon comprises a compound identified as coumarin, which can have a toxic effects on the human body if consumed in large quantity.

How to take cinnamon for weight loss ?

If you are wondering how to take cinnamon to improve your weight loss efforts, you need not worry. Seeing how flavorsome it is, this is going to be an easy and scrumptious task. One way is to use cinnamon pills weight loss, but you may not find it as enjoyable as using cinnamon in its natural form. As it is a kind of spice, you can use it as seasoning, or you can add it to your beverages, and so on.

  1. Start your morning with water, lemon, honey, and cinnamon

Combination of water, lemon, and honey are quite popular as many people drink it first thing in the morning with empty stomach. By adding, cinnamon to it, you would only increase its utility substantially. You must have heard about the magical power of drinking lemon-honey water every day in the morning. Now just add some cinnamon to that concoction and your weight loss morning drink will be all powered up to burn your fat faster.

  1. Sprinkling cinnamon on your cup of coffee

If you like coffee, then go for this solution. Just sprinkle some cinnamon powder on your coffee and that too without adding harmful calories to your daily count. Instead, you can use cinnamon in place of sugar. It would be a sweet and healthy beverage in your daily diet. In addition, cinnamon can also help in controlling your bad cravings and improve your metabolic rate. You can also take cinnamon tea for weight loss.

  1. Add cinnamon in oats or other cereal

Oats are known as healthy food and a great addition to your diet when losing weight. With cinnamon, the oat recipe would be doubly effective as it will help you bring down your excess weight and also add delicious flavors to your daily oatmeals or other cereals. You might lose about 2 pounds using the diet of cinnamon weight loss in a week.

  1. Add into daily cooking

You can add cinnamon in your daily dishes. Many cuisines, especially Indians do add pieces of cinnamon in their recipes for added flavor. You can also use cinnamon in powdered form into rice dishes, or roasted vegetables. It is bound to make your cooking more delicious and healthy for you and your loved ones.

Honey For Weight Loss

Benefits of honey for weight loss are not lost on people. They know its value and many dieticians do recommend people on adding honey into their daily diet plans. Honey comprises of nutrients like water, Vitamin C, fiber, sugar, protein, energy, other vitamins, minerals, calcium, and so on.

Benefits of Honey 

Bee Honey For Weight Loss in Sri Lanka

Given below are a few benefits of honey for weight loss:

  1. Honey has the rich amount of vitamins and minerals that can increase the strength and stamina in your body.
  2. Honey helps in controlling your bad eating habits and psychologically helps you in feeling satiated.
  3. It improves the metabolic rate of your body and improves the overall digestion system of your body.
  4. It is a good and healthy substitute for sugar, and it gets absorbed in the body better than sugar.
  5. Filled with enzymes and antioxidants, honey is an effective choice for weight loss plans and other health benefits.

How to take honey for weight loss ?

  1. Just eat honey

Now, this is the easiest part. You have to do nothing except consuming one tablespoon of honey before you go to sleep in the night. It will remove the harmful toxins from your digestive system and cleanse the whole system and also the liver. You can also take it in the morning with an empty stomach and then drink a glass of warm water.

  1. Consume honey with lemon

Here, you can take some warm water, add some lemon and honey into it, and drink it. You can take it in the morning with an empty stomach. This will help in improving your metabolism and lose weight in a healthy manner, and also improve the well-being and functionality of your liver.

  1. Ginger tea and honey

If you want to boost your metabolic rate, ginger tea is no doubt an excellent beverage, and if you add honey to the mix, it will become more effective for both your immune system and weight loss. You can take it in the morning with empty stomach and do it regularly to see the results as your digestive system improves and your body loses weight.

Apart from the above-mentioned options, you can also add honey to oatmeal, green tea, yogurt, fruits, toast, milk, coconut water, coffee, and so on.

Cinnamon And Honey Weight Loss Recipes

  1. Cinnamon tea with honey

This is a very valuable combination when it comes to losing weight. It is very easy to make. All you need is some water, a cinnamon stick, and some honey. Boil the water, add the cinnamon stick to it and let it boil for some time. After about 8-10 minutes, when water has taken all the flavor from cinnamon, take the tea into a cup and add honey to it instead of sugar. Cinnamon and honey tea are going to work its magic.

  1. Add cinnamon and honey to green tea

If you love green tea instead of black or coffee, you can make it more pleasant-tasting by adding cinnamon and honey to it. Make a mix of cinnamon powder and honey. Then boil the green tea into the water. Once it is done take out the green tea and add the mix of cinnamon and honey into it. Stir, drink, and lose your weight.

  1. Mix lemon, honey, and cinnamon

This combination is perhaps one of the most preferred concoction for many who wants to lose their surplus weight. You would need water, honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Just boil the water, and make a mixture of honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon powder. Once water has boiled, add the water in the mixture of honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice and it’s ready to help you fight your battle against your excess weight.

Despite all the methods being natural, it is advisable to consult your doctor before you start using any recipe for cinnamon and honey,

How And When To Take Honey And Cinnamon ?

  1. Take in the morning

The best time for cinnamon and honey consumption is morning. To have a good and healthy start to your day is essential for losing your weight easily and successfully. If your day starts good, there is a high probability that the rest of the day would go the same way. A wrong start can spoil the rest of your day. You can use a different recipe of cinnamon and honey in the morning with empty stomach. It can be a great habit to develop as the combination of honey and cinnamon is an excellent natural cure for losing weight and also cleanse your body from harmful elements.

Take the recipe of cinnamon and honey in the morning with an empty stomach and then after 30 minutes, take your first meal of the day. It will improve your metabolic rate and digestive system, and you will feel energetic to take on the day.

  1. Take in between the meals

As you are following your weight loss diet plans, it can especially be difficult in between the meals, as you might crave for foods that are not good for your weight loss plans. It can be difficult to avoid temptations. Cinnamon can be a great help in this matter. It can help you in controlling your cravings, suppress your appetite and make you feel satiated. That way you won’t feel enticed by unhealthy snacks. Cinnamon can also be helpful in regulating your blood sugar levels and stay alert and energized. In fact, you can use the combination of cinnamon, honey, and lemon to assuage your hunger for unhealthy foods and drinks.

  1. Before you begin your workout session

Before you start your aerobic workout session, you can begin with the stuff like stretching as it can be very effective when you begin your workouts. In addition, if you feel drained or less energetic after the workouts, or you feel like you don’t have enough energy in the morning to do the workouts properly, you can use the combination of honey and cinnamon to boost up your energy levels and do more effective workouts. It would also improve your metabolic rate to amplify the results of your cardio and help you lose your weight at a faster rate.

  1. Before going to bed in the night

When you are working on losing your weight, the time between dinner and bedtime can be difficult to get through, especially you are in a habit of late night snacks. It will do you no good except thwarting your weight loss goals. To avoid that what you can do is drink cinnamon and honey tea to control your late night eating habits. The recipe will help you get control over your untimely hunger, but also easily get through your digestive system as it is not a solid food. You will be able to get a good night of sleep without feeling the cravings or hunger for unhealthy foods and drinks.

Tips On Using Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Here are a few tips on when using honey and cinnamon for your weight loss plans:

  1. At least use about a half teaspoon of honey to have effective results.
  2. Do not add honey until you have boiled the water.
  3. When boiling the whole cinnamon stick, boil it until water has absorbed all its flavor and useful nutrients.
  4. Try not to use salt or sugar, as both the elements are not great for your weight loss goals.
  5. Add lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your cinnamon and honey diet.
  6. Do not use Chinese cinnamon as it has a great amount of coumarin that can harm your liver and kidney. Instead, use Ceylon cinnamon weight loss
  7. It is advisable not to use cinnamon if you are pregnant, have cardiovascular disease, or going through the menopause period.


The combination of honey and cinnamon is one of the best blends that can help you with your health issues, improve your metabolic rate and digestive system, and ultimately help you lose the excess weight off your body without any side effects. Try this healthy blend to burn the unhealthy fats and enjoy numerous health benefits.

Sri Lanka is popular for its mouth-watering food culture, and to avoid weight gain, you would need the best weight loss diets in Sri Lanka and use best weight loss supplements available in Sri Lanka.

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