Best Diet and Weight Loss Supplements for a healthy lifestyle in Sri Lanka


Kiribath ( Milk Rice ), Lamprais, NasiGoreng, Aluwa, Saw Dodol, Pol Sambol, Malu Ambulthiyal. Reading these words would have made you dream and develop a craving to eat our Sri Lankan special foods. Sri Lankan foods are rich in flavor and taste. Have you noticed that Rice is a common ingredient in our delicacies? Yes, Food in Sri Lanka contains Rice in many other forms. It is present either as whole rice or rice flour or rice batter. Rice is a staple food in Sri Lanka. It is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the primary nutrients needed by the body. Carbohydrates are broken down as sugars by metabolism.

Taking carbohydrates rich food is good for health. But at the same time, sitting idle after consuming carb-rich is not good. This may lead to weight gain. Our lifestyle has changed where physical work is very less. You may also have the same problem which is why you have come here. Don't worry!! There is a standard solution to tackle weight gain and keep your weight intact.

And the good news is that we are here to show you the simple, best and affordable weight loss products which are nutritious and helps you lose weight. These products are 100% natural and can provide the excellent results. Now, it is easy to get weight loss products in Srilanka. All you have to do is to read the description, see if it matches with your body type, purchase it online, use it as recommended, experience the best results.

Garcinia Ultra Pure is an effective weight loss capsule which is produced in the United States of America in a cGMP certified manufacturing facility. It follows the tested grade strength and purity of USP quality standards and is manufactured under strict guidelines.

Ingredients added to this product

Garcinia Ultra Pure weight loss pills contain extracts of Garcinia Cambogia fruit. Garcinia Ultra Pure pills contain 100% of Garcinia Cambogia where 50% is contributed by Hydroxycitric Acid. It also contains Calcium and Phosphorous which are required for absorption to maintain good health. A key component to weight loss can be found in the surface of Garcinia Cambogia is called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

HCA decreases your appetite and regulates bowel movements. It improves exercise performance by limiting the use of stored energy in the muscles.HCA prevents fatigue.HCA also boosts metabolism enabling absorption of fats in the body.

HCA also increases Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin treats depression. Depression causes hunger and leads to weight gain. Increase in serotonin keeps your appetite in control.

Role of Calcium and Potassium in absorption

Calcium and Potassium are essential for bone development. Garcinia Ultra Pure enables absorption of calcium and phosphorous by the body and improves bone health. Vitamins are needed to absorb Calcium and Phosphorous. Garcinia provides sufficient nutrients to boost the process.

How GarciniaUltra Pure works

 Once you receive your first order, check out Garcinia Ultra Pure Health Resource Center online. They will give you customized exercise programs, diet plans, fitness tracking systems that will ensure your success in losing weight. The healthy food program, timely exercise routine, drinking plenty of water and the Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills all together will help you to become slim.


 The recommended dose of Garcinia Ultrapure is 800mg per serving.

Other benefits obtained from Garcinia Ultra Pure

When you order your first shipment of Garcinia Cambogia, you will receive 3 free premium bonuses which will help you to unlock the secrets to lose weight and stay healthy. These offers are exclusively for Garcinia Cambogia Offer members and are not available to the general public.

Phen24 Day and Night are powerful and efficient weight loss pills with a blend of ingredients that will activate your metabolism during the day and continues fat burn at night. It combines two products Phen24 day and Phen24 night. The phen24 formula is comprised of the highest quality, natural ingredients in agreement with all FDA- and GMP-approved guidelines and facilities. Over 90 thousand people around the world just like you are all enjoying successful, long-lasting weight loss with Phen24.

Ingredients added to this product

Phen24 day contains

  • Caffeine

Caffeine in Phen24 reduces fatigue and increases alertness and focus on work out. It stimulates thermogenesis, which increases the body’s internal temperature resulting in weight loss. It reduces your appetite.

  • Guarana Extract

Guarana Extract contains more caffeine than any other plant. The Guarana Extract in Phen24 may improve exercise-related fat loss benefits by keeping you more alert and focused.

  • Cayenne Powder

Cayenne powder is a spicy food ingredient. Spicy foods tend to increase body temperature and reduce the calories in the body. The cayenne powder in Phen24 can boost metabolic rates by up to 25%. It also promotes healthy digestion and maintains healthy blood pressure.

  • Phenylalanine

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that suppresses your appetite by stimulating the release of Cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin is an intestinal hormone. Once the hormone is released, it sends a signal to your brain to feel fullness after eating. Phenylalanine in Phen24 can effectively prevent overeating by helping you feel full.

  • Iodine

The Thyroid gland, your body weight, and metabolism are inter-related. Iodine intake can improve your thyroid function. Thyroid gland will then boost metabolism which will result in weight loss.

  • Manganese

Manganese in Phen24 does various functions.

It improves Thyroid function resulting in healthy metabolism.

It helps your body to absorb calcium. Therefore it reinforces bone metabolism and healthy bone structure.

It prevents food cravings by controlling your blood sugar.

  • Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate in Phen24 works with both vitamin A and vitamin E to manufacture the hormones secreted by your thyroid gland. Zinc also helps in the production of pancreatic enzymes which enable your body to digest food, when combined with vitamin B6. Proper digestion helps your body break down food more efficiently, preventing the storage of fat.

  • Copper Sulphate.

Copper plays an essential role in the various oxidative reaction that helps your body convert fats and fatty tissue into energy. Copper in Phen24 helps your body to produce the energy needed for the exercise, essential for weight loss.

Phen24 night contains

  • Glucomannan

Glucomannan is the primary ingredient in Phen24 which makes you feel fuller for a longer time.  Glucomannan is a dietary fiber which absorbs water and maintains a feeling of fullness. It effectively reduces cravings. A study revealed that Glucomannan decreases body weight, body fat, and cholesterol levels without causing the loss of lean mass.

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium in Phen24 moves blood sugar or glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. Here, glucose can be used to transform the macronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins you consumed into energy.

  • Biotin

Biotin is an essential component of enzymes that work to break down fats, carbohydrates, and other substances in your body, Biotin in Phen24 helps to prevent the storage of fat due to high-carb foods.

  • Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate in Phen24 fights fatigue and gives you the energy during and after exercise sessions without compromising your weight loss efforts. It also helps in improving the health of the kidney, gallbladder, and liver.

  • Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdate)

 Molybdenum in Phen24 can use broken-down macronutrients during digestion to create energy. This energy is needed for your day and workouts. It also helps you digest your food, regulate your heartbeat, promote healthy muscle functioning, and create new, healthy cells in your body.

  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

 Pantothenic acid in Phen24 helps your body to metabolize the food into energy. It also assists your liver in metabolizing toxins that can hinder your weight loss efforts.

  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

 Thiamine in Phen24 helps your body to metabolize fats and protein. It ensures that you get all the nutrients you need from your food.

  • Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6)

Vitamin B6 is one of the most essential vitamins required by your body. It has a role in over 100 enzyme reaction in your body. Vitamin B6 is present primarily in the metabolism of vital amino acids and proteins. Vitamin B6 deficiency is common but Phen24 Night treats that deficiency.

  • Green Tea Extract

Research has shown that green tea extract is associated with increased weight loss due to diet-induced thermogenesis.

The compounds present in the green tea can boost your fat burning hormones. Norepinephrine is a chemical that directs fat cells to break down fat. EGCG is the principal antioxidant found in green tea.EGCG inhibits an enzyme responsible for breaking down norepinephrine. This results in an increase in norepinephrine, which can increase the amount of fat your body breaks down.  Caffeine and EGCG in green tea work together because caffeine works to the same effect as EGCG. This means more fat loss because your muscle cells will use the fat for energy.

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Vitamin C helps in protein metabolism. Vitamin C in Phen24  provides your body with necessary proteins and also blocks the synthesis of proteins which are known to cause infection and inflammation. Vitamin C can make you recover quickly after training. A study revealed that those with sufficient vitamin C decrease 30% of fat during their exercise sessions than those with vitamin deficiency.

  • Griffonia Extract

A study from the University of Chicago Medical Center revealed marked increases in Leptin and Ghrelin after just a few nights of reduced sleep. Leptin is a hormone that directs the brain when the body needs more food. Ghrelin is the hormone that triggers hunger.

Griffonia Extract is used to create 5-HTP. The 5-HTP produces a calm, relaxed state of mind that improves sleep. Thus consuming Phen24 night assures you enough sleep.

  • Hops Extract.

A study reveals that regular supplementation of hops extract reduces body fat. Thus, hops Extract is regularly used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. The Hops Extract in Phen24 Night can help you fall asleep faster. Restful sleep supports your weight loss.

How it works

  • Phen24 Day

Phen24 Day will boost your metabolism for increased energy and better digestion, and it also regulates your thyroid functioning.

  • Phen24 Night

 Phen24 Night is a stimulant free diet pill which will ensure your good sleep and metabolism during the night.


Phen24 Day should be taken each morning with your breakfast.  Phen24 Night needs to take two capsules. Both capsules must be consumed 15 minutes before your evening meal with 1 to 2 glasses of water.Phen24 Night contains no stimulant ensuring your good night sleep.

Other benefits obtained from Phen24

When you order two month supply of Phen24 day and night weight loss pills, you will get a one month supply for free. And when you buy three month supply, You will get two month supply for free.

Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2  has the best weight loss capsules containing the all-natural ingredient obtained from kidney beans. It contains no preservative and stimulants. It is a nutritious ingredient that has been proved to counter the starch found in food items such as potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, corn. Preliminary research and clinical studies show that using the Phase 2 starch blocker results in radically less net caloric ingestion.

Ingredients added to this product

  • Chromium(As Chelavite chromium di nicotinate glycinate)

Chromium helps to transport the blood sugar or glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. Glucose can be used to transform the macronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins you consumed into energy.

  • Phase 2 TM brand white kidney bean extract

White beans contain large numbers of dietary fiber. White kidney beans extract in Dietrine Carb Blocker also slow the digestion of high-glycemic carbohydrates found in bread, pasta, and sugars to promote weight loss.

Research suggests that extracts from white beans allow complex carbohydrates to pass through gastrointestinal tract undigested resulting in less body fat storage due to starches and sugars.

  • Vanadium (As Vanadium Amino acid chelate)

 Vanadium in Dietrine Carb Blocker is a mineral powder that may help to control blood glucose levels. It is a useful food nutritional ingredient.

  • Cellulose

Cellulose reduces hunger and causes a prolonged feeling of fullness in the stomach. It also reduces the rate of digestion of carbohydrates in food. Cellulose does not burn fat. It will just significantly reduce the chance of failure of the diet.

  • Magnesium Stearate.

Magnesium stearate in Dietrine  Carb blocker is used to delay breakdown and absorption of medications, so they are absorbed in the correct area of the bowel.

How it works

 Your body converts carbohydrates found in foods such as potatoes, rice into sugar calories. These sugar calories are either burnt off through exercise or stored as fat cells for future use. Unfortunately, inactivity means that these stored fat cells accumulate resulting in weight gain. Dietrine Carb Blocker, an all-natural nutritional element obtained from kidney beans, it neutralizes digestive enzymes. It will then convert starch into glucose. Thus it reduces the number of carbohydrates absorbed. However, Carbohydrates are discharged through the digestive system when the consumed calories are low.


The recommended dosage will be available on the product. You can see it, once you purchase Dietrine Carb Blocker.

Other benefits obtained from Dietrine Carb Blocker

A complete diet and exercise program will be recommended for you once you buy this product.

You may return any unused and unopened item purchased from Dietrine for any reason within 90 days of your purchase for a refund of the purchase price.

Raspberry Ketone Max has powerful diet pills which contain Raspberry Ketones. It carries no Lactose or preservatives. It has a cGMP certified manufacturing facility that suits the tested grade strength and purity of USP quality standards.

Ingredients added to this product

  • Pure Raspberry Ketone

It is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries.

  • Chromium

Chromium enhances the effects of insulin and lowers glucose levels.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea has zero calories. It boosts your metabolism and improves your body's efficiency for burning energy.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine reduces hunger and fatigue. It improves your alertness and focus.

  • L Theanine

It is an amino acid found in Green Tea. It helps with relaxation, focus, and sleep.

How it works

When you receive your first order of Raspberry Ketone Max, you will be automatically signed up to get Free membership access to Raspberry Ketone Max's results-based online fitness program. There are no further charges for this program as it is free. After receiving your first order,  check out Raspberry Ketone Max's Health Resource Center online. The suggestions are given to ensure your success in your diet plan. Exercise programs, Diet plans, and Fitness Tracking Systems would be allocated according to your body type.


The recommended dosage will be available on the product. You can check the dosage only after you buy the product.

Other benefits from Raspberry Ketone Max

You will get access to 3 free premium bonuses provided by Raspberry Ketone Max. You have to purchase the product to enjoy the benefits. The rewards are not available for the general audience.

Green Coffee Bean Max provide you with the apt diet pills for weight loss and maintaining fitness. Green Coffee Bean Max is made from 100% pure green coffee beans and contains 50% chlorogenic acid from Green Coffee Extract. This Diet pill is manufactured in the United States of America under strict quality check and guidelines.

Ingredients added to this product.

  • Pure Green Coffee Bean

Pure Green coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants are essential in preventing cell damage. Anti-oxidants help in fighting aging problems. It keeps your skin fresh, and intact. The anti-oxidants in green coffee beans not only helps with weight loss but also prevents aging.

Green Coffee Beans has many types of polyphenols. Polyphenol is said to absorb fat from the body and has anti-oxidant properties. One type of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid. It is found in high amounts in green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. The roasting process reduces amounts of the chlorogenic acid present in the coffee beans. Thus, green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to roasted coffee beans maintaining its healthy properties.

The primary ingredient in the Green coffee bean that facilitates weight loss is the Chlorogenic acid. It constitutes 50% of the green coffee bean. Caffeine present in the green coffee bean is also said to stimulate weight loss.

  • Chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid tests have proved that it has significant effects. It reduces carbohydrates content thereby providing a low carb diet effect. Studies on humans have shown that chlorogenic acid present in green coffee bean showed notable changes in the weight. Those who consumed green coffee beans had lost more weight. Chlorogenic acid is said to have anti-oxidant properties which reduce aging and makes you look younger than before.

  • Caffeine

The caffeine in the green coffee bean is responsible for keeping you alert and reduces your appetite. Caffeine gives the energy to work out and keeps you active. Caffeine helps to manage drowsiness, sleepy feeling.

How it works

Once you receive your first order, you need to contact the Green Coffee Bean Max health research center. They will direct you to follow a diet program and exercise schedule. You have to obey the diet plan, exercise regularly and take the recommended dose of Green Coffee Bean Max diet pills to get efficient results in weight loss. The chlorogenic acid and caffeine present in the Green coffee stimulate weight loss and also keeps you energetic. You become slimmer if you follow the instructions strictly.


You should take 2 capsules once a day before your first meal. You should drink one glass of water while you are taking the pill. You should not exceed the recommended dose.

Other Benefits of Green Coffee Beans Max

Once you order Green Coffee Beans Max, you will get three premium bonuses. You will be signed into Free membership access to the results-based online fitness program. You will receive E-books that help you unlock the secret of perfect diet and weight loss programs.

Forskolin is a chemical found in Coleus Forskolii. Coleus is a natural, herbal extract used for thousands of years to treat many health problems from high blood pressure to asthma. But it is also an astonishing weight loss tool. Forskolin 250 provides the diet supplements which retains your normal weight within 12 weeks of its consumption. It contains 60 weight loss capsules which ease your weight loss. This is manufactured in the United States Of America under strict guidelines.

Ingredients added to this product

  • Coleus forskohlii

Coleus Forskolin promotes fat loss and also preserves muscle mass. Studies have shown that Forskolin has prevented weight gain. Research has shown that forskolin develops testosterone levels and supports lower fat composition in men.

  • Brown rice flour

Brown rice is a storehouse of magnesium, phosphorus vitamin B6, and manganese. It also contains Thiamin (vitamin B1) which helps in carbohydrates metabolism. Manganese is an essential mineral that helps to digest fats. It makes bowel movements regular, Reduces constipation and thus helps with healthy digestion. Brown rice contains proteins that would give more energy to you. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases anti-oxidants in the blood. Thus, Brown rice helps in weight loss significantly.

  • Magnesium Stearate derived from vegetables

Magnesium stearate is a food additive which is used to delay breakdown and absorption of medications, so they are absorbed in the correct area of the bowel.

How it works

Forskolin is an ancient health remedy that can open your body’s fat breaking power, helping you to lose weight effectively. Forskolin helps you lose body fat and increase your lean body mass by helping to promote the breakdown of stored fats and increasing metabolism.

Forskolin encourages the production of cAMP, a molecule that instructs your cells to increase the fat breaking enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

HSL breaks down the fat stores within your cells. The release of fatty acids causes a heat producing reaction, which means you will burn more calories while retaining your lean body mass.

cAMP also stimulates your thyroid, which regulates your metabolism by enhancing it, allowing your body’s fat breaking rate to increase even more.


You should take 2 capsules per day along with food or water.

Other benefits from Forskolin 250

Free shipping is provided for every purchase of Forskolin 250 weight loss pills. Forskolin 250 gives special offers.

When you buy 2 bottles of Forskolin 250, You will get 1 bottle of Forskolin 250 totally free!

When you buy 3 bottles of Forskolin 250, You will get 3 bottles of Forskolin 250 absolutely free!!!

Forskolin also offers a 60-day money back guarantee to its users.

Conclusion of Best Diet and Weight Loss Products for a healthy lifestyle in Sri Lanka

From the above details, You would have got an idea of how to get the best and affordable fat burners ( online ) in Sri Lanka. These are the best diet pills and best weight loss pills you can ever find. Whether you are taking a weight loss capsules diet pills, you should keep in mind follow the diet plan, work out plan suggested by the weight loss products. Drinking plenty of water and having a sufficient amount of sleep also ensures the success of your diet plan.

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