Best Diet and weight loss plans for a healthy life in Sri Lanka


Weight gain is a common health problem for everyone in this world. The increase in the fat decreases one's health and self-confidence. We, the Sri Lankans are not an exception to weight gain problem. The changes in our lifestyle have contributed to the weight gain. One thing we find difficult to manage is the balance to eat healthy and also lose weight.

You can get fit in Srilanka instead of traveling abroad and shedding money on weight loss programs in other countries. However, It is necessary for us to know the circumstances that would contribute to weight gain.

1.Junk food
2.Poor sleep
3. No exercise
4. Stress and anxiety
5. Excessive salt
6.Being idle
7. Less fluid intake

Thus knowing the cause of weight gain might help you to lose weight.

The outcomes of weight gain relating to health include

1. Infertility

2. Cancer

3. Cardiovascular disorders

4. Respiratory disorders

5. Gastrointestinal issues

6.Type II diabetes

7. Psycho-social problems

8. Neurological problems

It is necessary for you to lose weight to avoid these problems. when you lose weight, You will become healthy, You will be able to do tasks easily, You will gain confidence about yourself, You can wear the dresses you want, You will feel that people around treat you better than before.

To stay healthy and avoid disease, you need to eat healthy foods, refer diet books and get weight loss tips, follow a diet plan, stay hydrated, do regular exercise, keep yourself clean, sleep for enough time, reduce alcohol and smoking, avoid being idle, and avoid sugary drinks.

The diet plans in Srilanka are usually rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. however, it is also easy to get fit in Srilanka. All you need is to follow a diet plan mentioned in the diet books and stay fit. You can also follow weight loss programs which helps you lose weight and look younger.

These weight loss books provide you with useful weight loss tips and easy to follow diet plans. Embrace these books to succeed in your mission to get fit in Srilanka.

This book mentions an exclusive diet plan called Eat Stop Eat.

About the author of Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan

Brad Pilon is the pioneer who formulated the famous diet plan Eat Stop Eat. He is a fitness professional. He found out the Stop Eat Stop method when he was writing a thesis on Intermittent Fasting (IF). Brad was amazed at the results of following the Stop Eat Stop technique. He gives a blind guarantee that it would help a person eat healthy and also lose weight.

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan - Sri Lanka

The book Eat Stop Eat gives a plan which is very easy to follow

for anyone who wants to lose weight. Brad recommends you to eat healthy which implies a rich diet with no restrictions. But you have to stop eating at a specific time depending on your goal and the amount of body fat you want to burn. It can be anytime in a day. This should be followed once or twice a week.

The outcome of Stop Eat Stop diet plan

The results are visible from the day you start following this strategy to lose weight. You will feel lighter day by day.

This diet plan will

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Stop aging effects
  • Boost human growth hormone (a fat burning hormone) up to 15 times.
  • Cleanse and heal your body
  • Lower chronic inflammation.

 You must also note that you have to eat healthy foods like leafy and fiber-rich vegetables to see fast results.

The book is about the rejuvenating Red Tea recipe which was acquired by the author risking her life in the dark forests of Africa.

About the author of The Red Tea Detox diet plan

Liz Swann Miller is a naturopath and a bestselling Amazon author. She has helped plenty of men and women with weight loss tips, diet plans to enhance their physical well being.

The African Red Tea detox diet plan

Liz provides the secret tea recipe which helped her to lose weight and gain confidence back. Liz stated that the African Red Tea is the most effective tool for weight loss. You should drink one cup of the African Red Tea for 14 days to see the result.  Liz also added that you should eat healthy, be stress-free and exercise regularly. She has mentioned the recipe in her book and effective diet plans for weight loss.

The outcome of African Red Tea

You will start feeling its positive effects on your body from the next day. You can expect complete result in 14 days.

The African Red Tea tends to

  • Detoxifies your body,
  • Stops your hunger feeling
  • Reduce your body fat,
  • Reduce stress hormones.

This book explains about 10-minute workout that would guarantee weight loss.

About the author of Tones in Ten diet plan

Erin Nielsen is a Physical Therapist, Fat Loss, and Anti-Aging Specialist. In her book, she highlights the negative impact of a cardio workout. She provides an alternate method which would make you lose weight in a few days.

The Toned in Ten workout plan - Sri Lanka

You will have to dedicate just 10 minutes in a day for this workout. This workout has a variety. Erin has designed it in such a way that same workout pattern won't be repeated. Each day corresponds to reduce fat of a specific body part. You have to be sincere to follow the schedule. Erin has also provided a nutrition guide to eat healthy.

The outcome of Toned in Ten workout plan

You will experience the fat burning sensation after a few minutes. You would lose weight eventually. You will also feel younger in a few days. Erin guarantees this workout will make you feel younger than before. She also announced full refund if you are not seeing visible results.

This book gives the diet plan to add carb-rich foods in your diet with a condition.

About the author of the half day diet plan

Nate Miyaki is a fitness author and a fat loss expert. Nate highlights the negative impacts of a low-carb diet and gives you a solution to the problem.

The Half day diet plan

Nate recommends to eat healthy foods and maintain a half day diet. Nate suggests that can consume carb-rich foods at night. He mentions our ancestor's food cycle. They save energy on the day and have the feast at night. He provides weight loss tips in his book which are useful.

The outcome of Half day diet plan - Sri Lanka

This plan has a double benefit. One can eat healthy rich food and also lose weight. This helps you to maintain steady health and body shape.

You would now have got an idea of how to become fit in Srilanka. Follow these diet plans, eat healthy foods and stay young.

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