About Us

Dostara is an impartial and reliable site for health articles, reviewing products, plans and services related to health in Sri Lanka. The reviews we provide would be helpful for vendors and buyers. We make the most of our efforts to investigate the products and provide tailor-made reviews. Dostara.com thrives on integrity and quality in its content.

In our website, we have analyzed about the diet and weight loss plans. We have provided an intricate review with thorough research on each of the diet plan given. Weight loss supplements are consumed by many, and people have various experiences. We, at Dostara.com, have done a thorough study of each and every component of the product. We have provided the review which would be suitable for everyone who wants to use the product / plan. We have not only analyzed the product but also the cause of the weight gain, foods causing it, effects of weight gain in your body.

Our Mission

Dostara helps its users to get the proper product and correct guidelines to use the product. We strive to provide high-quality content which enables you to understand a product before purchasing it.  And it will be visible when you visit our site. We also make sure the vendor’s products are depicted clearly with no bias. Thus we make sure the buying and selling process is well-accomplished, where the buyers get good-quality products and the vendors gaining good reputation regarding their product.